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Computer Lab Contract

Computer Lab Rules


desktop computer

1. Listen and follow directions.
2. Stay in your seat.
3. Raise your hand if you have a question.
4. For safety: Walk; don't run the lab.
5. No food or drink in the computer lab.

Responsible Computer Use Agreement


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1. I will treat my computer gently.  It is not a toy.  I will not bang on it, stick things in the CD drive, pull on cords, or abuse it in any way.
2. This computer does not belong to me.  I will not change any passwords or settings.  I know this makes it impossible for the computer lab staff to fix the computers if they have problems.
3. I will not touch or mess with another person's computer.  I know this might cause them to lose all the work they have done so far.  If I want to help them, I will tell them or show them what they need to do without touching their keyboard.
4. I will not use the computer or Internet to look at adult materials.  If I come across an inappropriate website, I will notify the computer teacher immediately.
5. I will not share my personal information (name, address, phone number, age, picture, or password) with any person or company on the Internet.  I know I cannot trust anyone I meet over the Internet or anyone who asks for my information, even though they seem nice.  I know they are still strangers, and they might not be who they say they are.  And I will NEVER agree to meet them in person!
6. I will be polite and positive when on the Internet.  I will not be a bully, use bad language, or harass others in e-mail, chat rooms, or anywhere else on the Internet.  If I can't say it to the teacher, I won't type it.
7. I will not take or use copyrighted materials without permission.  I know it is against the law to use pictures, videos, or articles from the Internet without first obtaining permission from the person who created them.  I will cite my sources and put it in my own words.  I have read and understand all my responsibilities.  I also understand that if I do not use the computer responsibly, I will not be allowed to use the computers at all.

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